No to electronic medicine applications: a hashtag that tops social networking sites in Egypt

Pharmacists in Egypt launched a campaign via social media, aimed at preventing the sale of medicine through electronic applications and communication sites.

According to local media, Dr. Safwat Abdel-Maqsoud, head of the Ismailia Pharmacists Syndicate, confirmed that “selling medicines through electronic applications may cause serious harm, because the applications work without professional controls and rules, in addition to the lack of continuous follow-up oversight.” He explained that these applications cannot be held accountable in the event of professional errors that harm the health of the citizen. Abdel-Maqsoud continued, "The websites facilitate the sale of counterfeit medicines of unknown origin because they are sold without the supervision of a responsible pharmacist. It is also considered a form of tax evasion, a back door for the sale of drugs that affect the psychological state without complying with the laws and regulations regulating this, as well as making patient data available without maintain its confidentiality. #No_for_electronic_medicine_applications The hashtag #No_to_electronic_medicine_applications was issued on social networking sites in Egypt, through which users demanded the competent authorities to intervene to stop them.